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Dr. Andrew Dossett offers the highest standard of patient care for all types of patients, including professional and non-professional athletes.

  • National Football League Team Physicians Organization
  • Major League Baseball Team Physicians Organization
  • Dallas Cowboys Football Club, Spine Consultant
  • Texas Rangers Baseball Club, Spine Consultant
  • Dallas Stars Hockey Club, Spine Consultant

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Sports Medicine

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Lumbar region of the spine is more prone to spine fusion, compared to the other regions such as cervical and thoracic parts of the spine. Due to slight normal motion in the thoracic spine, rarely any problem is seen. Endorsing lumbar spinal fusion is contentious. Usually spinal fusion is recommended in patients with neurological problems or severe pain, that have not responded to conservative treatment.

Cervical spine fusion is a surgery performed to fuse weak cervical vertebrae with adjacent vertebrae to provide stability and prevent injury to the spinal cord.

Back pain is one of the most commonly reported medical problems in society as well as the leading cause of job-related disability.

Athletes are prone to spine injuries because of trauma or repetitive movements and stress. Improper technique, fatigue and poor muscle tone and flexibility can also lead to spine injuries.